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This is a short course on Seed Nursery Setup and Management that will teach you how to set up and manage a nursery bed to the point of transplanting. The guide Contains both Literature and Videos on how to effectively manage your seed nursery

This Guide has 2 Broad Topics

This topic Covers

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up

This topic Covers

  1. Sprouting
  2. Watering
  3. Fertigation
  4. Hardening Off
  5. Pests and Disease Management

Course Curriculum

Introduction & Nursery Setup
Nursery Establishment – Nursery Set-Up Details 00:00:00
Nursery Management
Nursery Establishment – Sprouting Details 00:00:00
Nursery Establishment – Watering Details 00:00:00
Nursery Establishment – Fertigation Details 00:00:00
Nursery Establishment – Hardening Off Details 00:00:00
Nursery Pest & Disease Management
Nursery Establishment – Pest & Disease Management Details 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Seed Nursery Setup and Management


    Simple and clear. I love it

  2. Good work


    The information i’ve obtained will be helpful in my next nursery set up and management. Thank you I-Farm.

  3. Seed Nursery Setup and Management


    Very well structured and easy to understand.

  4. Excellent


    Exactly what I needed, done with precision and competence.
    Keep up this great job I-Farm👊

  5. 4

    The content is sufficient but also lengthy.

  6. Good course content


    The course is a very good one. It touches all the important points and procedures in a nursery establishment and management. It gives a good overview of the pests and diseases that attach the seedlings.

  7. Easy and precise


    I know understand why i lost my tomato seedlings to fertilizer scorch.

  8. Clear & Comprehensive


    Quite easy to implement from the comfort of your Farm/Greenhouse.

  9. Nursery Management


    Brilliant information. Down to earth explanations for new emerging farmers without any agricultural background like my self. Very informative indeed. Keep it up.



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